Psychometric Assesments

Please note that this section is applicable only to our work in the UK.

Twenty-first century recruitment demands a more sophisticated and scientific approach to the recruitment process.

Sometimes people change jobs because the fit is wrong. At other times, it is the quality of work. Occasionally it is both. Together we can eliminate some of the risk in recruitment.

Psychometric assessments assist candidates and clients to make informed recruitment decisions.

We provide them as part of our service. These assessments are optional.

Our model is approved by the British Psychological Society and all of our UK team are trained and qualified assessors.

Our psychometric assessments are free of charge. No one can fail. There are no negatives. They can be completed offline or online. Each member of our team can make his/her own assessment results available to you.

Where possible, we also aim to profile the teams within our clients and gain an insight into the dynamics of the fit by comparing a candidate's profile with the role.

We work hard to ensure that our clients make the right hiring decisions and that our candidates make the appropriate career choices.

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